Friday, January 18, 2013

Trains and Microphones

I'll pretend this past week didn't exist.  Because for the most part, I didn't.  Instead of living, I hid in my bed with this less than glamorous sickness we call the flu.  As my facebook status reads, "I like the 101 far more as a freeway than I do as a body temperature." 

Already under the weather, I boarded a train at Penn Station mid-Monday afternoon.  What initially seemed like a romantic undertaking wound up being 14 hours of torture.  Yet, I'm still glad I opted to stick around the city for a few more days.  As I noted on FB:

"it's better to lie in bed with a smile on your face than to lie with regret."  ~ cb and kb poetry.  #ChoosingToMissMyFlight #TrainNextWeekInstead

It was the guy from down the shore who convinced me to stay.  Even though I wanted to stay, I needed someone to give me the go ahead to be irresponsible.  I've missed a flight before (only 1, and because of LA traffic), but I've never chosen to miss a flight just because I wanted to stick around a few extra days.  But in knowing my return to the city could be months, I wanted to be around for last weekend's parties and church on Sunday.

And on Sunday I had been asked to speak briefly.  And so I got up and shared some prior to reading the teaching text.  I almost started my mini-talk, "I'm Katrina Blank, and I like microphones."  I didn't, but the statement is true.  I loooove public speaking and Sunday was a reminder that I need to be doing more of it.  

I'm a bit out of practice, a bit rusty, and on Sunday I was also drugged up on Day Quil meds.  But I think it went relatively well, after all, a guy I know who doesn't agree with women speakers came up to me following the service and thanked me for sharing.

I've known for quite some time that writing and speaking is in the future God has for me.  But I think it won't be long now before that future is a present reality.

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