Sunday, January 27, 2013

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Today is my parents' 45th wedding anniversary. We celebrated at The Stables Restaurant in Blissfield, Michigan.  My Dad told me this evening it was the best dinner party of his entire life.  And I told him it was the best cake I've ever eaten in my entire life.  (I'm not joking; it was amazing!)   

The other couples who joined us are a bit ahead of my parents - celebrating their 47th, 49th, and 50th anniversaries in the year ahead.  We all took our turns sharing memories and stories.  After the Best Man's toast, my Aunt Mary (a bridesmaid) shared a lovely piece she had written about my parents' initial meeting.

Happy Anniversary by Mary Tober

It was a beautiful fall day on Sand Lake

Oh, what a picture to take!

Along came a sail boat with a beautiful woman aboard

“Who is that?” my brother asked and quietly thank the Lord

I think Bettina, I said, as she brought the boat upon land

I don’t think we have ever met, he said to her

She reminded him they had but it had been years before

When she left, my brother turned to me and said, “I think she is the one”

Little did they know then that there would be so much more

Only six months later the marriage was done

Three children and three grandchildren later was what was in store

45 years later memories galore!
My dad expressing my love to my mom, Bettina by writing her name in the snow.  It's the little things over the years that make all the difference!  (Pic taken in 2009 - Sand Lake)

My brother Mike and I with our fabulous parents!  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! 

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