Monday, January 7, 2013

My Choice?

Today on facebook I posted:

breakfast w/an 84 yr old man. his advice on getting married: it's better to make the wrong choice than to not choose at all. (perhaps, but as a friend of mine once stated, "we may be single, but at least we're not married to a** holes.) my question is, why do men always think it's my choice i'm still single?

The likes and comments started rolling in rather quickly - some humorous, some serious.  But the comment I appreciate the most, is the one from a crush of long ago.

Somewhere out there is your soul mate...and he is feeling the same as you do. When it is the right time for you to meet, God will arrange it. Never settle because you are worth it my dear! Whoever does finally sweep you off your feet will be the luckiest man alive!

I crushed well when I was young.  This man, now married with 2 children, is a speaker, a writer, and a chiropractor.  I replied to him with the following response:

thanks for believing in me and for me. i think "he" and i may have already met. but he's afraid. perhaps similar to what you explained to me many years ago. and, i know, no one likes to feel exposed. regardless, i hold onto hope.

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