Monday, March 25, 2013

The Edge

Yesterday I pre-celebrated my 35th birthday with my friend Lisa by going snowboarding in Northern Michigan. We ventured to Crystal Mountain, which probably is no mountain at all, but rather a really, really big hill. Regardless, the conditions were great - the temperature, the powder, and the company. Lisa is great, and one of 3 friends left in the entire state of Michigan who isn't already married having babies.  She gently broke the news to me on the ski lift that she anticipates her status will change in the next few years.  Ha!  There goes another one - seems to happen to most people I know.  It's inevitable for most, but less likely for my friends in LA and New York.

I told Lisa a few stories on the lift about my dating life that currently only exists in the form of friendship.  In sharing one story she inquired, "Wait. What state is he from?"  I named the state and she continued on, "I knew it had to be California, New York, or Michigan, I just wasn't sure which one."  My friend Amy from Hawaii said something similar to me on the phone last weekend, clarifying which state I was in before carrying on with our conversation.  As much as I've been bouncing between LA, NYC, and Michigan, I'm not surprised I have everyone confused on my whereabouts. 

I considered this as I snowboarded down the mountain that wasn't really a mountain.  Years ago when I was learning how to snowboard, I remember being instructed, "Pick and edge and commit.  If you don't, you're likely to catch an edge and fall."  Translation = Either place more weight on your toes, or on your heels.  If you do neither, you'll faceplate or fall on your *ss.  You can't ride the middle of the board for too long.  If you do, you'll find yourself stuck on the ground, moving nowhere.

And that's where I stand.  I've been riding out life the past few months in the Midwest, but it's now time to pick and edge and commit - either the East Coast or the West Coast - either LA or New York.  I can't stay in the middle for much longer.  I know I can't.  And although I feel more drawn to NYC at this point, I also looooooove Southern California.  So we shall see where God takes me from here.  But I'm hoping to return to one of these edge coast cities soon.  

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