Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Number 35

35 years ago my mom was 35, and I was chubby - a 10 pound, 4 ounce baby.  Yes, I was a C-section, and a bit of an inconvenience.  My dad was a pastor at the time and my arrival coincided with one of the biggest church celebrations of the year - Easter Sunday.  He had to scramble to find a last minute sub to do all the important stuff up front at church.  Thankfully he found one, and I was cute enough that my dad didn't seem to mind me crashing on his Easter parade.

Sometime shortly after 2 PM today, I officially turned 35.  My birthday wish this year is for a long and healthy lifespan for my ovaries.  I don't mind getting older; I'll just mind losing out on having children of my own if I don't meet someone in the next few years.  The good news is, good ovaries run in my family; my mom reminded me recently my Oma (German grandma) didn't have my Uncle Jerry until she was 40.

I'm told guys don't want to hear about that crap.  It scares them away.  I think it would scare me away too if I was a guy.  But I scare guys away even without talking about that crap, so I'm not sure this blog post is going to really make much of a difference. 

But just in case, I'll change the subject matter to something more guy friendly.... soon...

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