Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chicanery in the City

Coming Soon:

How I got roped into Mexican Wrestling on my recent visit to Los Angeles

It was midweek, and I was thinking we were going to do something simple, like meet up for drinks at the Yardhouse.  I mentally prepared for Newcastle and Hawaiian pizza, but just before 8, my friend Colin calls.  He starts telling me about this show he has wanted to go to for years, and how it's happening that very night at the Mayan Theater, where I use to go to church.  He explains, it's this thing called Mexican Wrestling.  As he attempts to make his sale (he does marketing for a living), I think back to my childhood when my Saturday morning cartoons were ruined by WWF wrestling.  My big brother, who was bigger than me, maintained control on the remote.  There was no way to escape Jake the Snake, Hulk Hogan, and the many others who would make their appearance in our living room while we sat and watched the television from the couch.

Wrestling?  Really Colin?

To be finished...

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