Friday, March 29, 2013

Sweet 16

Disclaimer: I am from the village of Onsted - population less than 1,000.  My county as a whole contains less than 100,000 people, 1 Starbucks, and no Target.  I'm from the middle of nowhere - as they claim on Cheers, "Where everybody knows your name.  And they're always glad you came."

As promised, I'm switching the subject matter to something more guy friendly - March Madness.  Tonight I ventured to the pub on a nearby lake to watch the games.  By games, I mean the Michigan vs Kansas game and the Michigan State vs Duke game.  Michigan was victorious in overtime; Michigan State was less successful in their bracket, losing to Duke.

Jerry's is the name of the pub and while I was there not only did I meet the basketball coach for our local high school team, I also met Jerry, the pub owner.  Jerry and I chatted for a bit on my way out, and I considered, wow, this is so not New York.  But for once I appreciated the small town feel and the evident community established between locals and seasonal lake folks.

And, I actually met another one of my neighbors while sitting at the bar cheering on the Wolverines.  As it turns out, she also lives on Sand Lake's South Shore - smack dab in between me and the guy from down the shore.  Funny, I didn't think there was anyone else living in between us.  She's a bit older (I think), but also a Michigan grad, so we have LOTS in common - such as, we both like to yell "go blue" at televisions. 

I inquired if she ever hangs out with the guy from down the shore, and she told me she called him up some time ago and suggested they go to dinner.  She explained, "You would think it would make sense - I'm alone. He's alone.  Why not go to dinner?"  But apparently the guy from down the shore acted weird after their outing.  I assured her it's just him, and he can be awkward around women.

I don't know this for a fact, but a few recent exchanges makes me suspect it may be true.  Then again, we're all a little awkward at times.  I know for a fact I am - and probably more often than your average person.

This reminds me of the awkward turtle - and the time I taught the awkward turtle to my German relatives who were in the states visiting me in NYC.  After teaching Matthias the awkward turtle, he insisted on teaching the awkward turtle to our cab driver.  It already didn't translate well into German.  The German to cab driver translation was even worse.

For awkward turtle instructions please click the following link:

Awkward Turtle

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