Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Bad American

Some days I feel like such a bad American.  I hardly ever watch television.  Only on rare occasions do I flip on the tube - mainly to watch Michigan football, the Super Bowl, or well, that's pretty much it.  

I'm such a bad American that when my friend Jessica in LA invited me to join her and some others for a Bachelorette Party, I responded by asking, "Wait. Who is getting married?" 

The living room at our lake house doesn't even have a television in it.  The couch is set up to view this instead:

lake view after today's run

I think TV is far too demanding of one's attention.  It requires you to stay focused, so I can hardly think through all the other cool stuff going on in my head.  Thanks to the guy from down the shore, I've gotten better at movie watching, but TV... I can only hope that someday I too can sit down and watch it for hours on end.

An acquaintance of mine recently posted about changing your habits.  He mentioned wanting to give up cookie eating and replacing it with running.  Well, I got thinking on my run today, I've been running for 18 years straight.  Maybe it's time I change my habits.  After all, my doctor expressed concern that my resting heart rate is so low.  Apparently only Olympic athletes have it as bad as me. 

So maybe it is time I change my ways - I'll replace running with watching television and eating cookies.  Then, perhaps, I'll feel like a good American.

March 15th Update - Day 1
I'm halfway to reaching my habit change goal.  Although, I was unsuccessful in watching television, I did bake cookies and I ate 4 of them in total, plus some cookie dough.

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