Thursday, November 18, 2010

Screeching Japanese

Last night around 7, five guys showed up at my apartment door with flowers. A few hours later an actor guy showed up at my door with some gourmet chocolate treats.

Five guys (which is also the name of a burger place in NYC that I have yet to try out), didn't show up at my apartment just for me, but rather they came to ask the girls that were meeting in my apartment to go with them to a swing dance event tomorrow (Friday) night. But, I was also asked - not by a student, but by my boss. Which, to be honest, I think is a bit awkward - especially since he's only 5'6", placing me a couple of inches taller than him. Maybe we can get him a pair of platform shoes - either that - or some stilts.

Actor guy, who is 6'2" and in no need of any kind of lift, is the reason that I didn't get any writing done last night. He kept me up til about 3, which I didn't mind so much at all. I especially liked the part where we were on this rooftop, just the two of us - well that is, until a Japanese woman and her dog joined us. Actor guy and I thought she might be cussing at her dog, but we couldn't tell for sure because she was screeching Japanese, and neither he nor I studied Japanese cuss words in high school - only Spanish ones.

After she left, actor guy pointed out a constellation and I proudly pointed out the Empire State Building. I'm getting so good at building identification. So far I can identify and name three in New York City. I think I impressed him because he started to say nice stuff - like I'm beautiful and I'd really like to kiss you. Okay, so maybe he didn't actually say the second part, but I'm rather convinced he thought it. And if he didn't, I certainly did.

* For those following "The Script"actor guy is actually one of the characters in it.

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