Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Have you ever read the book Blue Like Jazz?" I asked David the question as we were setting up camp.

"No, but it's on my list of books to read to score points with girls." We both laughed, but really, he wasn't joking. He seriously thought it might be a good book to read to help him get in with the ladies. I asked him what other books are on the list and he named 4 or 5 titles - names of books that didn't impress me (nor am able to recall 6 months after our camping trip).

I wouldn't say that Blue Like Jazz would win me over, but it would make me think that we could be friends - kind of like if you owned a pair of chocos, a surfboard, a guitar, or a private jet that you like to take your friends on trips in. But we could also be friends if you have facebook.

The reason I am friends with David is because he has facebook and he owns a whole lot of rockclimbing equipment. I'm serious on this.

For those following "the Script," I didn't like it today. A scene took place that I didn't know about until much later in the day and it annoyed me that it had taken place at all. I wanted more control of the Script, but there are now more actors involved so I'm going to be in fewer scenes, and I'm not going to know all of the dialogue taking place.

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