Saturday, November 6, 2010

For the Record

Me: I have some good news and some bad news.

Him: Okay. I'll take the good news first.

Me: The good news is, Michigan won today.

Him: Yeah, I know 67 to 65. I just caught the end of that game. So what's the bad news?

Me: The bad news is, I didn't get to see the game.

Him: You didn't get to see the triple overtime?

Me: What? They went into triple overtime?

Him: Yeah, what were you doing?

Me: Now I feel even more miserable about missing the game. I went to some chili cook of thing in Central Park with my roommate, but by the time we got there they were already out of chili.

A half hour later into the conversation...

"For the record, I was never interested in you."

I told this to my good guy friend very matter of factly. And it's true. I never was. There were a few times that I thought maybe I should be, but I wasn't. He has always been more like a brother to me - which is why we are probably still good friends and why he and his now wife asked me to read Scripture at their wedding 8 years ago. If I had different anatomy I probably would have been one of the groomsmen.

This evening, aside from Michigan football and their dysfunctional defense, we discussed guy/girl dynamics in friendships and in relationships, and somehow an old story surfaced - the time when he "tricked" me into going to his family cabin with him for the weekend.

I was 17 years old and working at Spring Hill Summer Camp in northern Michigan, and he invited me to go along with a group of camp staff to his cabin in Cadillac - except it ended up not being a group...

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