Saturday, November 27, 2010

Not So Great Ideas

So... I'm starting to learn a bit about the publishing industry. I thought it might be a helpful thing to do since I'd like to publish a book someday. So far I've learned that I'm supposed to have an agent. I think a literary one, but I hung out with my special agent friend last night and I'm wondering if he might do the trick.

All he would have to do is go to Harper Collins or Random House, flash his special agent badge, ask to speak with an acquisitions editor, and then hold out his gun until the editor reads my material and agrees to a book deal. Conveniently my special agent friend was previously a lawyer so he could also negotiate and make certain the contract works in my favor.

With his badge and his gun quickening the process, I could be signed in an afternoon to any publisher in the city.

Then again, we could both get arrested and be sent to jail instead, but even that wouldn't be such a bad deal. Free housing, free food, and probably some really great book material would surface because of the experience. Oh, but wait, I don't look good in orange. Forget that idea.

Speaking of not so great ideas...

I went running in shorts and a tangerine (not to be confused with orange) tank top today. It wasn't warm (unless 35 is the new warm), but rather I was hoping that just maybe I might pick up some sun along the way. Really, I do think I got some color, but I'm thinking now that it's probably just wind burn.

While I was out I received a phone call from a number I didn't recognize. And because I've been on emergency call for our unversity, I picked up...

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