Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Beginning

If last night was the end, today must be the beginning.  The good news is, every day is a new beginning.  And as my mom once told me, "You never know what life is going throw you."  On a somber day in my early twenties, she insisted, life is worth the living.

Last night I celebrated the end of the Mayan calendar with the guys from down the shore.  There were 5 guys, me, and one wife.  The guys grilled out on in the December freeze - 30 degree temps, and even colder with the fierce wind blowing.  After a steak dinner, I learned how to play poker and how to cook crawfish simultaneously.

At midnight we paused from poker to ring in the beginning.  With REM's song turned up, we dance and obnoxiously sang along.  "It's the end of the world as we know it - and I feel fine."

Not that I really thought the end of the world was going to happen last night, but I did in the late 80s.  Some crazed man predicted the end and as an impressionable youngin I believed his prediction very well may come true.  I hadn't yet read much of the Bible yet, so I didn't know people who claim the Bible as truth aren't supposed to make end of the world predictions.

It was summer, I think, and I considered, wow - this is great.  I'll never have to go to school again.

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