Monday, December 24, 2012

Further Down 94

And so I picked him up at the airport shortly after 3, and we ventured east on Highway 94 to his Grandma's place, located on the outskirts of Detroit.  We exited and kept our direction, until we dead ended at Lake Shore Drive.  We then drove north along Lake Saint Claire and I admitted to him, this is Michigan territory I had never explored before.

He pointed out a few notable sites along the way and explained Henry Ford's son use to live a bit further up the way.  We were in Grosse Pointe - what wikipedia describes, "an affluent suburb of Detroit."  Much of the neighborhood was comprised of homes built when the automotative industry was booming.

It's fascinating how the ideas of one man can completely revolutionize a city - and a world too, actually.  Henry Ford's invention of the assembly line made cars affordable for "common" man.  As a result, the city and suburbs of Detroit thrived for quite some time.  But now, most people with a decent income, tend to live outside the city.  And Detroit is not on anyone's top 10 list of US cities to visit.

But my brother lives in the city.  And despite the fact he has had 3 cars stolen, he loves it.

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