Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Same Stuff?

About a month ago my mom told me over the phone, "Katrina, I think you should be a motivational speaker."  I pushed back on her suggestion.  "Mom, you've never even heard me speak.  Why do you say that?"  She poured out her motherly reasoning while I envisioned Chris Farley speaking about a van down the river. 

Funny thing is, I've "known" for quite some time that speaking will be a part of my life.  And when I say "known" I say that in a I just "deeply sense" sort of way - which is little to no help when attempting to provide an explanation.

But even with that "knowing" I haven't "known" nor do I still know what that might look like or be.  I considered perhaps it would entail speaking at women conferences - once I was old enough to be considered woman enough to have something signifcant to say on life.  Say, in my 50s or so - you know, after I had birthed a couple of kids and made it through the rough years in my marriage when my husband got wrapped up in his porn addiction and occasional trips to the local strip club where he got a 23 year old stripper pregant. The stripper miscarried, but even so, he leaves me for her for over a year, but a divorce is never finalized and he returns home after the stripper grows tired of him.  He had developed some sort of illness that caused her to be freaked out by his age. 

Sadly, I'm basing much of the "hypothetical" above off real stories and scenarios of woman that I know.

Tonight one of my favorite people in the world (i.e. one of my former Young Life girls) told me, "And then you're going to go all across the country speaking to college students and inspiring them to do significant things with their lives." 

Erwin Mcmanus says we are all made up of the same stuff - the same material - and in a sense, the same potential to make a signifcant impact in the world.  But the longer I work with college students and hearing their life stories and some of the crap shoot family lives they come from, I can't help but question Erwin's proposition that we're all made up of the same stuff.

The deficit going into life, simply by genetics or an alcoholic mother... make me think that maybe

(that maybe I'm too sleepy right now to keep writing...)

Because most people don't end up winning tickets to the Super Bowl
And most people aren't recruited out of their backyards for a job in that comes with free housing in Midtown Manhattan

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