Monday, March 26, 2012

34 on 34th Street

My favorite movie of all time is the movie BIG with Tom Hanks.  In the film a junior high boy named Josh makes a wish at a Zoltar machine - wishing to become BIG.
And, well he does.  He wakes the very next morning, finding himself in the body of a 30something year old.  And since his mom doesn't recognize him, Josh is forced out of his home and moves to New York to seek employment.

I'm still not sure why I liked the movie so much, although I suspect that the trampoline in Josh's apartment, and the oversized keyboard in FAO Swartz plays into it.  And interestingly enough, the only 2 movies I owned (on VHS, of course) for the longest time were BIG, and a similar film called 13 going on 30. 

In both films the main character ends up in New York in their 30s.  And here I am today living in New York City in my 30s.

Today is my 34th Birthday - or as my students wrote on a sign "Happy 17th... round 2."  I celebrated this evening with girls from my small group - sharing a meal and worshiping together...

And in our time together I asked for people to share stories of how they have experienced God's faithfulness in their lives...

And I shared a bit...

A song I had written, that I had forgotten about, with the opening line:
"Where you are, is where I want to be..."


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