Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'd be the Color Blue

"I told myself I would never wear this combination in front of anyone aside from family." 

I paused from folding laundry to assess my roommate's outfit.  It didn't seem too peculiar of lounge wear for a Saturday night in, so I inquired, "What do you mean?"

"Crop pants and Uggs."  Her crop pants were capri sweats, and her Uggs - well, those are those odd-looking boots that somehow entered the fashion scene several years ago and even gained popularity in Southern California where it is warm all year round.

I wasn't personally offended by my roomie's outfit, but rather I was honored that she would feel comfortable enough to include me in on a family only thing.

My roomie Shannen and I have been living together in NYC for nearly two years now, and it has been a great fit.  She gets free housing, and I get a great friend, some groceries, accountability, and a free therapist. 

Of course, part of the deal is that she has to put up with my randomness, but she doesn't seem to mind.  Like a few months ago, when we happen to be going to bed around the same time, and I created an adventuresome bedtime story.  After the story I told Shannen, "I wish I would have had more creativity when I was younger - it's so fun to make up lies."

Of course, as a writer, I meant fiction - lies to entertain, not to lies to hurt or deceive.


More recently I asked Shannen, "If you had to be another color - not a skin color - what would you want to be?"

She replied, "I'm not sure; no one has ever asked me that before."

"Really?"  I asked in a tone that suggested surprise, but in actuality I wasn't.  I had never been asked the question either.

"Hmmm... if I was the only person who was different color - probably yellow.  But if everyone was a different color I'd want to be blue.  How about you?"

"Definitely blue."  I didn't have a real reason, but I think perhaps watching too many episodes of Smurfs as a child played into my answer.  That, and being a Michigan fan.  One thing is for sure - there's hecka no way I would want to be the color red.  That'd be awful.

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