Thursday, March 22, 2012

Grout Family of Four

This past Saturday I received an early morning wake up text from Spring Hill and Forest Home's former director of marketing.  "Are you still in the city?  Do you know of any relatively cheap places I might be able to stay?" 

After clarifying that my friend Dave Grout was seeking lodging not just for him, but rather for his entire family, I offered three night's stay at my place.  So they packed up their vehicle and the very next day the Grout family of four arrived at my place in Midtown. 

Although Dave's wife was concerned that their family might be an inconvenience to me, I absolutely loved having them stay at my place.  I think partly because it is rare that I get to spend time with families in NYC.  It was the same in LA.  In both cities, my church of choice is filled with mainly 20 and 30 somethings, and so I miss out on experiencing the fullness of the Body of Christ.

After the Grouts headed out on Wednesday, I got thinking for the second time in my life, I don't think Christians should have to pay to stay in hotels.  (Unless they want to, of course or if they are newlyweds - or well, okay maybe I need to throw this argument out altogether for any married couple traveling without kids... )  But rather it seems to me that the universal church ought to be so extensive in extending hospitality that you can call up a church in any town or city, and inquire about a place to stay for the night.

Granted, I know the concern of not knowing someone, and the possibility that they might steal or other, but I don't know if that ought to be used as an excuse.

In the 70s my parents extended hospitality for nearly a year by hosting Vietnames refugees.  And in 2001, my parents' friend Doreen extended hospitality by allowing my parents to stay with her during the time our Lake House was being remodeled.

And I'll return to write more another time another day...

Sunday lunch in Bryant Park
SPOONS before bedtime
Took a trip to the top of the Empire State Building, just in time to see the sunset
Called on my special agent friend in LA for dinner recommendations in China Town = The Yummy Noodle
Hearing lots from Dave's youngest about Justin Bieber

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