Saturday, November 30, 2013

Top 10 Best OnLine Dating Lines

I recently returned to world of online dating.  And here are some of the more entertaining lines that have popped up in my inbox.

10.  i knew u were an aries the moment i saw your profile picture

9.  Michigan football and In-and-Out Burger?  I am in love already!

8.  Nice longboard.

7.  I'm willing to bet you a donut that you're getting about 500 emails a day from 55 year old married men offering to be your sugar daddy... 

6.  I wish I was older...  (24 year old male from Brooklyn, NY)

5.  You look sooo cool  (37 year old male with a Masters degree)

4.  I've had a crush on you for like 3.5 hours now!

3.  Will you marry me?

2.  We could have beautiful mixed babies together.

1.   Am sorry but your bone structure is just simply amazing to me

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