Saturday, November 9, 2013

Keep Dancing

This evening I posted the following on facebook:

dear life, thanks for the dance floor last night. yet another almost falls by the wayside, but i'll keep dancing through the chaos in FAITH that God will eventually pull me out...

Chaos turns two years old this month.  The gay couple I met while trying to salvage some of my possessions following hurricane Sandy promised me that 2013 would be my year.  While waiting in line to speak with a representative at the storage rental company, we exchanged stories of our losses.  After sharing what we had lost in our submerged storage units, I continued on to share with the men some of the other losses I had incurred that year.

After hearing my woes of my 2012, one of the guys exclaimed, "Wow, you really have had it bad this year.  It has to get better.  2013 is going to be your year.  I just know it.  Bad karma can only last for so long and you seem far too positive of a person for you to not have a turn around."

His partner enthusiastically agreed, "Yeah 2013 will be your year!"  I appreciated the couples' encouragement and belief that the yin and yang of life will even out after the new year. 

To be honest, I was confident the chaos would come to a close by the end of the first quarter of the year.  But I'm now in the final quarter of 2013, and although I have had glimpses of hope along the way - they came in the form of almost possibilities that turned into nothing even though it appeared God was orchestrating.

My heart is tired, and although I'm still hopeful for better days ahead, my question, as posed in the book of Psalms is, "How long God?"  And I only wish I could know how much time passed before God "resurrected"Job's life from the grave.

More on How Long (click on How Long) for those of you who are questioning.  I don't know the author or the website's theological framework, but I stumbled across this piece while writing this post and I thought it was helpful.

To Be Continued... Keep Swimming

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Kaysi said...

GEEZ. Though we don't know each other (hi from Reno!), and though I'm certain our circumstances are different, I can relate to this. I had a couple of my own major (to me, anyway) disappointments this year, and I can SO sympathize with your statement that your heart is tired. I appreciate your honesty and pray the answer to your "How long?" might be, "Soon."