Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jesus Love Donuts

Some time ago at summer camp, I had this friend who would wear this shirt that said on it, "Jesus Loves Donuts."  During staff training, we sat down together at lunch and I told him, "You know, I think your shirt is right.  I think Jesus really does love donuts."  I then continued on to share with him my Jesus-donut testimony.

About a dozen years ago, as I was trying to start up Young Life in my hometown, I began to dream of ways I might be able to connect with the students in the high school.  During a YL leaders' meeting, I inquired with my supervisor, "Do you think we could show up with donuts before school?"

"Sure," he said.  "As long as you get the principal's permission." 

I momentarily thought I was awesome in thinking up such a brilliant idea (that I'm sure has been done by plenty of other Young Life leaders before me).  However, my idea turned sour on my drive home as I acknowledged, I didn't really have the funding to just go out and buy a bunch of donuts for the students.

Less than a week later, as I entered my parents' home, my mom asks, "Katrina, would you happen to have any use for donuts?  We just hosted this event for senior citizens, and the couple who owns the fruit farm brought along way more donuts than what we needed.  We have nearly 100 donuts left over."

Enthusiastically I agreed to take those donuts off my mother's hands.  I drove to the high school the next morning - with those donuts - thinking how awesome is God, that he would hear my desire for donuts, and come through without me even asking.  Yes, Jesus loves donuts, very much indeed.

But more than donuts, he loves us.  And although I acknowledge we don't earn "things"from God by doing good works, there is something to be said about him wanting good for us.  (By "things" I mean things like money, spouses, jobs, kids, good health, good health insurance, a home - pretty much everything I don't have in my life right now.)  And I love it when He seems to step in, like he did with the donuts.

The group I've been leading this fall met in Soho for the last time this past week.  For a snack, one of the gals brought along donuts, and I thought - how perfect!  Jesus loves donuts, and, for me, donuts are a reminder of God's faithfulness.

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