Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sea Streaking Part II

* Continued from Sea Streaking Part I
September 2010

Thankfully as we neared the beach area, the women’s restroom came to my rescue.  Conveniently I was able to excuse myself from his presence.  It’s not that I minded having conversation with Eddie, but I took the day off of work for the very of purpose pulling away and having some alone time, and I really didn’t want him crashing my solo party.

From the restroom, just after noon, I made my way out to the shoreline of Sandy Hook’s north beach, I settled in the sand on my beach towel with book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield in hand.

The author scolded me, exposed me, and encouraged me.  He told me that I absolutely must start writing again.

Later in the afternoon I decided to go for a jog down the beach, and so I changed into my much-needed sports bra, and started running barefoot down the shore, pondering the crisis of faith that one of my college students is facing.  She is wrestling with a question that most everyone wrestles with at some point in their spiritual journey – how can God allow such awful things to happen in our world?  Specifically, she wants to know how God can be so cruel.  As I was running the Scripture that came to mind is John 11:35.  A verse that states, “Jesus Wept.”  Jesus wept.  God wept.  And I believe He still weeps.  I don’t think God is playing the cruel card, but rather I think He is playing the compassion card and that the pain and suffering in this world disturbs him deeply.

My running thoughts were abruptly interrupted as found myself amidst a large group of people staked out on the beach.  And for once, I could only wish for Speedos.  Because the beach area I was running through, evidently didn’t believe in wearing any sort of swimwear.

Wow.  Awkward.  Weird.  Gross.  I was running through a nude beach.  And suddenly I wondered just how Sea Streak Ferry Company got its middle name.  I kept my eyes on the sand a few feet in front me trying to avoid the nakedness around me.   I couldn’t help but to think back to University of Michigan’s naked mile that was still in existence my freshmen year of college.  I had a paper that I had to write that night, and so I went to the computer lab, and occasionally someone would come in completely naked, sit down, and check their e-mail.

I safely made it back to my beach area, and after a dip in the ocean, I headed back to the Ferry pick up point.

Eddie found me on the way back to Manhattan, and before we parted ways, he made sure to tell me, “I have to admit, I find you to be extremely attractive, but I’m also extremely intimidated by you.”

I responded, “I’ve gotten that before.  Perhaps that’s why I’m still single.”

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