Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Extra Special Enmity

So... Satan retweeted me the other day.  Apparently this particular Satan (there are 3 or 4 on twitter) appreciated me mentioning him in my writing.  (I also mention Satan in my book; perhaps I should seek out his endorsement for my work.)

The Tweet Satan Retweeted:
genesis says satan holds a special enmity towards women - i think that enmity often comes in the form of Christian men twisting scripture

I wrote the tweet after writing a longer facebook comment in response to a friend's rant about some man making stupid comments concerning women on a Christian radio station in Southern California. 

I responded to my friend's frustration by writing the following:

the book of genesis says satan holds an extra special enmity towards women... i think that enmity often comes in the form of Christian men twisting scripture (like satan did with jesus in the wilderness). as a result the bible is often used to oppress women and women readily drink the kool-aid (like i did for years) because they want to honor God with their lives and do "what is good." but that "good" is actually bad, and women get chained up by the deception, just like they did the apple.

For some reason, as many times as I've read the book of Genesis, it wasn't until my pastor in LA did a study on the book this past spring that I picked up on this extra special hate that Satan has towards women.  This means women have it especially bad.  Sex trafficking is probably the most obvious form of this enmity towards women in our world today, but there are many, many other ways in which this enmity takes shape, destroying and/or oppressing women.  Thankfully organizations like International Justice Mission are addressing some these bigger, more obvious crimes against women.  But as I mentioned in my facebook comment - the twisting of Scripture - is a bit more complicated of matter to address. 

Someday I'll make the attempt, but for now, I need to get to bed. 

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