Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rich in History

This year for Thanksgiving an 86 year old woman named Doris joined us for our dinner feast.  She and her husband Marty have lived across the lake next to my Grandpa Cec's since the 1950s.  But in recent years, Marty's declining health forced him to relocate to a nursing home, and this past spring he passed away.

Doris still lives across the lake, and although her mobility is limited, she is still sharp in her thinking.  After dinner and pre pie, Doris and I challenged my parents to a game of euchre.  We nearly beat them with the final score 10 to 9. 

Happy Thanksgiving from Sand Lake, Onsted, Michigan

But even more fun than the card game was hearing Doris tell stories - like how she and her husband eloped, and ice fishing on Sand Lake (she and her friend caught more fish than the men), and stories about my Grandpa, who Doris claimed her husband once stated, "If I was stuck on an island with only one other person, I'd pick Cec.  He's a good man."  My grandpa passed away when I was 9, so my memories of him are few, but how neat to hear Doris reminisce about days of past.  There's something special about meeting with someone who is rich in history.


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