Thursday, November 8, 2012

On The Way Home

I arrived back at JFK at 1 AM, and as I passed by a television screen, CNN told me Obama had won the presidential election. I knew he would - just like I knew he would win the last.

Confession: I didn't vote this year. I wanted to, but couldn't. With my Michigan mailing address, California voter's registration, and New York couch surfing status, my absentee ballot didn't make it to me in time. My mom mailed it to a friend's in New York with the intent that I'd receive it before flying out to California last week, but with Sandy's anticipated arrival, I switched my flight to Sunday and lost my right to vote. I'm not overly devastated, but only because, like my Dad, I didn't feel comfortable voting for either Obama or Romney.

I took a near desolate subway train west towards Manhattan, but got off before crossing over the East River. I then hailed a cab, and had him drive me to my parking spot, praying my car would still be there, and not damaged by the storm. On the way, my cab driver informed me that gas is scarce. He told me he had to take off nearly a week of work due to the gas shortage following the storm.

Thankfully my car was right where I left it.  My cab driver watched and waited as I inspected my Corolla.  No water had entered the interior of the vehicle and it started up without any hiccups. But it was low on gas - only a quarter tank left.

As I drove towards the Queensborough Bridge, I came across a gas station, and nearly pulled in, but then spotted the lines. It extended down the other street, and I knew the wait would be at least a half hour - if not more. It was half past two.  I needed to get back to catch some sleep in the Upper West Side.  I'd have to fore go gas for now.  And ration the remaining amount in my tank. 

New York got hit hard by Sandy. 

And I got hit hard too.  Just before my departure from LAX, I learned my storage unit, had indeed been flooded in the storm.  All my stuff - ruined.  As I cut across through Central Park on 85th Street, I told my car, maybe it's time to move beyond this city.  After all, I only have me left and I'm tired of fighting to stay here.

On the way home,
this car hears my confessions.
I think tonight I'll take the long way.
This weather.
The wind outside is biting.
It has left me feeling tired & exposed.

~Dashboard Confessional

Not too long ago I heard a speaker state, "Our nation will get the type of leadership we deserve." I think our nation is far more in shambles than anyone would like to admit - not because of Obama, but because there are no boundaries or standards of excellence and integrity for anything anymore. And when a community of people can't agree on what is good and true, then anything goes. That's why one of my nephew's classmates often chooses to wear a dress to kindergarten even though he is a boy. His parents have brought into an ideology that the school system is too fearful to speak up against, because they don't want to be on the news, and targeted by the LGBT. So instead, my nephew returns home from school, confused at why a boy is wearing little girl's clothing. 

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