Monday, September 27, 2010

Mr. Third Random Guy

"So you're the third random guy whose phone number I've added to my phone in the past 24 hours."

He protested, "But I'm not random - you know me. Who were the other guys?"

I went on to tell the story of one - the one who was the most random, but I internally disagreed with Mr. Third Random Guy - slightly. He is rather random; I don't know him well - except that I do know that he's a huge fan of Brennan Manning.

I was explaining this to my roommate Shannen on our walk home from Union Square, and she clarified, "Brennan Manning isn't related Peyton Manning - is he?" I laughed and explained that Brennan is a writer and that there is no relation to the professional football player (at least to my knowledge there isn’t.)

So that was last night.

Tonight I found myself smiling for no apparent reason at all. This happens to me from time to time, and when it does, my smiling perpetuates itself and I end up smiling even more because it makes me smile thinking about the very fact that I'm smiling. Except tonight when I was smiling, it was as I was out running and I had to be careful not to make eye contact with anyone (particularly men) as I was running down 5th Avenue because I feared my smiling might send a signal that I wasn't intending to send such as hi, I'm interested.

However, it's not completely accurate to say that I wasn't at all interested. Because I've realized, especially after spending a week in Europe, that I've been falling for a certain, I would like to say someone, but actually it's not that romantic - or perhaps it is, but it’s of a different kind of romance that you can read more about in my post (tba). But yes, it's true - I've unexpectedly fallen for New York. And tonight was yet another run through Central Park with the cool rain refreshing my soul.

I attempted to explain to most random guy the other day a quote by St. Irenaeus, "The Glory of God is man fully alive." I often feel fully alive, but tonight was one of those times in which there was a heightened awareness of the presence of Holy Spirit and a sense of joy and victory that, to be honest, I can’t really explain, but rather it just is – and it is beautiful and breath-taking and it is real.

When I returned back from my run I received a text from most random guy asking if I wanted to meet up for dinner on Wednesday.

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