Friday, September 3, 2010

Elevator Indecision

I have to admit, I almost didn’t step into the elevator. Because when it opened the sight that I saw was more than unpleasant - it was repulsive.

You see, there were two of us waiting on the third floor to go up. I didn’t know the other party, but I suspect that she is kind in nature, because when the elevator opened, she motioned for me to go in first. And I would have…except, I wasn’t sure I actually wanted to get into the elevator, and so I insisted that she go ahead. So while I continued my mental deliberation, she stepped in without any hesitation; it was evident that she didn’t have any concern, but I certainly did. Because there were three men already standing in the elevator, and one of them was wearing this t-shirt whose sight was enough to make me sick to my stomach.

But I knew that I had to big bigger than the red O that spread across this man’s chest. I would share the elevator with an Ohio State Fan. And so I got in, and explained my delay and indecision. “I wasn’t sure I wanted to get into the elevator when I saw your t-shirt. I’m a Michigan grad.”

The Buckeye responded, “Oh, I feel sorry for you guys.”
To which I replied, “Yeah, the past few years have been rather brutal.”

My football friend, Coach Keith Schulte, later told me that I should have responded by saying, “Don’t feel sorry for us. Michigan has one of the greatest running football programs in college football history, and we have at least a dozen more wins over Ohio State than they have over us.”

Coach Schulte is right. And as we shouted and sang out after our Rose Bowl win in 1998, “It’s great – uh huh – to be – uh huh – a Michigan Wolverine!”

Go Blue!!!

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