Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The $20 Deal

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got mugged by 2 nuns while out on my run this afternoon. (edit: Hugged) rather than sprinkling me with holy water, i sprinkled them with my sweat. they loooved the title of the book i'm writing - makes me think nuns might also be part of my target audience... perhaps a copy will someday make its way into the Vatican

Speaking of book, an initial draft of my book will FINALLY be complete this Thursday - just in time for the 4th of July potluck dinner.  That was the agreement that was made when I pre-sold a copy of my book for $20 to the guy from down the shore.  Granted, it was more of a bet, than a pre-sale, but regardless, on Thursday, he'll be receiving a draft of my book, and I'll be receiving $20 cash.

Or so I hope.  I still have 2 more chapters to piece together - chapters 17 and 22.  There are 24 total.  So with the clock ticking, and time running out, we'll see if I can pull through to make this draft happen.

My friend Jen questioned me the other day, "Really?  $20 is all the motivation you needed for you to finish your book?"  I explained to Jen it has more to do with the dynamics of my friendship with the guy from down the shore than the $20.  Not just anyone could have convinced me with $20, or even $100, to finally finish this book that I've been working on for years.

With the guy from down the shore the bet felt more like a playful, challenge - to push me towards the finish line.  And since he has been there for me through my hardest year of life yet, his bet posed the questioned, "Katrina, despite your health being poor, will you keep fighting?  Will you keep going after your dreams despite the less than favorable cards life has thrown you this past year?"

My answer to his challenge is yes.  Yes, I will keep fighting.


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