Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Meet Bleecker the Pomeranian. 

Bleecker is one of the reasons I returned to New York last week.  His owner had to do important law work in Zambia (Africa), so Bleecker and I got to hang out and play together in the financial district.

We'd go for walks, brightening people's days by his cuteness and friendly disposition.  Literally, everywhere we went people would turn, stare, and make some sort of comment.  Many requested to pet Bleecker, and some even wanted a photo with him, because really, he's that freaking adorable. 

On our final walk, as Bleecker stopped to say hello to a BIG dog, the big dog owner observed, "He's seems to be a happy dog.  And he certainly doesn't fear anything."  I'm not a dog expert, but I think the man's dog was a large pit bull.  I agreed.  Bleecker is a happy dog and isn't afraid of anything.  (With the exception of going down steps too steep - then he'd halt at the top of the stairs and wait for me to pick him up and carry him down.)

I pondered the man's comment as we made our way back to Teresa's place.  Happy and not afraid of anything.  I wished for a moment I was more like Bleecker, because last week (and for several weeks prior) I was terrified there was something significantly wrong with my body.  I haven't felt well for over 2 years, and my health was rapidly getting worse.  A visit to my doctor in NYC is another reason why I returned to the city last week. 

Yesterday I spoke with my doctor on the phone and learned my illness isn't terminal.  It will take some time before I'm back to me, but I'm thrilled to know that what I have is treatable.  Today was the first day in the past couple of months I woke up confident I'm not dying, rather than wondering how much time I might have left.  #Relieved  Will write more on the journey soon...

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