Thursday, May 30, 2013

The News Part III

Pushing Past the Double X Curse

I confess, as I write this post, I have not yet studied Hebrew.  I registered to take Hebrew in college, but dropped the class after a trip to the campus book store.  In flipping through the pages of a required text, I realized this particular Hebrew class wasn’t what I had envisioned.  I thought we’d be studying the book of Hebrews found in the Bible’s New Testament – not the original language of the Bible’s Old Testament.

I had already fulfilled my language requirement by then so there was no way I was going to attempt another language just for kicks.  So here I am today - still Hebrew illiterate.  This is my disclaimer to say, as I discuss the book of Genesis and the double X curse, please note, these are Katrina ideas rather than a well-researched theory derived from studying the text in its original language. 

By double X curse – I mean two X chromosomes.  While an X and Y lead to a man, two X chromosomes result in a woman.  In Genesis we read that when brokenness entered the world, working the land became much harder for men and that childbirth became much more painful for women.  In today’s world many women, especially single mom’s, are taking on the curse of both man AND woman.  And single and widowed women have no choice but to take on the XY curse as well.

But what stands out to me the most in the description of our broken universe is Genesis 3:16’s statement to women, “Your desire will be for your husband.”

You wouldn’t think such a desire would fall under the genre of “curse.”  But there it is – right there in the book of Genesis.  Part of the Double X curse – for all women – throughout all generations – is that our desire will be for our husbands. 

So what does this mean for women who are single?  Do we somehow get to sidestep this curse since we don’t have husbands? 

My conclusion: I don’t think so. 

Most single women still desire a husband – to the extent that it can be crippling.  Instead of embracing our time and talents to the fullest in making a difference in our communities and in the world, we are sitting around “waiting” for some sort of prince to show up, so the life we were promised by Disney and our youth pastors can finally begin.

By “waiting” I mean mourning and grieving the loss of dream that may never be.  And it’s not just the loss of a husband and decades of sex and intimate companionship, but it’s also the 2 to 4 children, and the many more grandchildren that may never be. 

Granted, most single women will still marry at some point, but as I’ve shared with friends, it is my dream to help minimize the negative “waiting” energy, and convert it into passionate, world-changing energy.  The desire for a husband may never go away, but WE CAN CHOOSE each day how we allow our DESIRES to impact our attitudes and approach to life.  Even if we never get the “dream” metanarrative imbedded into our chromosome make up, we can still live out great stories and know for certain, with or without a diamond ring, we are still valued.

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