Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Planet Rock

Planet Rock - no connection to Planet of the Apes - unless we're talking about locations where scenes in the movies were filmed, then yes, there is a connection. There is great rock climbing at both. Granted, the rock backdrops in Planet of the Apes is glorious outdooor climbing, whereas, Planet Rock is indoor climbing, but regardless, rockclimbing it is and rockclimbing is what I got to do tonight.

It had been almost 6 months... and I was well overdue for some climbing. I know this because a certain someone recently referred to me as "soft hand beauty" and wrote a piece about me with that phrase as its title. I apprecated his writing and his words, but I was oddly sad, that my hands were or are soft. Because that means that I haven't been doing what I love. When I was climbing my hands were calloused up a bit, and occasionally ripped up a bit as well.

Not that I looooooved having beat up, near manly hands, but I looooooved climbing and my hands were a reflection of what I was passionate about. And a reminder of all the good times climbing and the rad people that I got to climb with... (and)

That's why I love the scar on my right arm. I was bouldering my final night in California and I got scraped up a bit,

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