Thursday, December 2, 2010

Do You Trust Me?

As Princess Jasmine stood on the balcony, Aladdin reached out his hand an asked the question, "Do you trust me?"

Jasmine, at first, was skeptical and hesitant of Aladdin and his magical carpet.

But there was something comforting and familiar about his voice, so she considered the invitation to join him.

Do you trust me?

"Do I trust him?" She pondered.

Aladdin was asking her to risk, and to go on an adventure she wasn't sure she wanted to go on. She internally argued that it was safer to just to stay put on the balcony. After all, life on the balcony wasn't all that bad - except, well, it seemed to be missing something. And there was an insistence inside of her that told her that there had to be more.

Aladdin patiently waited for her to response.

Do you trust me?

Finally she placed her hand in his and said, "Yes. I trust you."

The thing is, Jesus asks everyone that very same question...





Yesterday I met up with someone who decided to take that step of faith and say "yes, I trust you." She's on the carpet and I couldn't be more thrilled.

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