Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Like It

I like it on the desk.

I like it on the table.

I like it…

The other day my boss spoke up over his cubicle, inquiring if anyone knew why his facebook friends kept posting “I like it” phrases. He gave a few examples, such as the ones mentioned above. Someone quickly volunteered the information that it was for Breast Cancer Awareness. In January “they” (whoever they are) asked women to post the color of the bra that they were wearing. This month “they” are instructing women to update their facebook status to state wherever it is that they like to keep their purse.

That evening, as I was running through Central Park, noting to self some great make out locations to keep in mind for the future, the “I like it” topic came up on one of the radio stations. (That’s right folks, I don’t own an IPOD; I run with a little AM/FM radio.) While most callers phoned in to say where they like it, there was one woman who was appalled that such facebook status updating was being encourage. Now personally I didn’t feel like it would be appropriate for me to post (ask me again when I’m married); however, I thought the idea was clever, in that it gets the conversation going in asking people what it’s all about. True, it blatantly carries with it sexual connotations, but so do fortune cookies. (Then again, I suppose I wouldn't be a fan of 10, 13, or even 15 year old girl posting the "I like it" statement as their status.)

On my way back to my place I tried to determine, hypothetically, if I were to up to update my status with Breast Cancer Awareness in mind, what would I say? Where is it that I like to keep my purse? (As I write, and on most days, my purse can typically be found on the floor in my living room – either that or my sofa.) Somewhere around 50th Street, I decided that if I were to change my status, it would say, “I like it when it isn’t taken or stolen by an undeserving party.”

I didn’t change my status, but I did consider myself almost brilliant for coming up with such a status – especially since Saturday (today), I was helping out with a fundraiser for Stop Child Trafficking Now (

I arrived on site at Lincoln Center shortly after 8 this morning.

More to come…

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