Sunday, October 31, 2010

Alien Sighting

Yesterday I saw an alien standing about 3 ½ feet tall on a large boulder located within Central Park. He or she was green, possibly androgynous, and possibly ambidextrous as well. Evidently such sightings are frequent during this time of the year because aliens feel they can walk freely among Halloweeners and not be gawked at for their looks or be taken in for AIDS Testing - Alien Identification & Detection Screening.

I’m rather certain this particular alien was ambidextrous because I saw (it?) clapping its hands to the beat of a nearby drum circle, and its left and right hands seem to meet with equal impact. No favor was granted to either hand –I was impressed by the alien’s technique, actually. I wish I could be that great of a clapper – maybe someday, with lots of practice…. I can always dream.

My 2nd hottest guy friend claims to be ambidextrous, and he comes close when it comes to clapping, but I’ve seen him drink beer and play cards, and he’s definitely left handed. Plus, he’s rather good looking, which further confirms in my mind that he is left-handed.

I’ve had this theory for about 10 years now, that, in general, left-handed people tend to be slightly better looking than right-handed people. I have yet to somehow test and prove my theory, but I’m rather certain that it is true. (And, no, I’m not left-handed.)

So last night I headed to a costume party in Brooklyn – I didn’t see any aliens on the way there, but I did see a pregnant nun with lots of facial hair. I’m rather confident that it was a costume, but after the pregnancy incident with the Virgin Mary, you just never know, so I didn’t ask.

But I did ask myself the question late last night…

And that’s where this blog entry ends…

For those following “the Script,” this past weekend it took an interesting turn. I’m thoroughly enjoying the screen play as it unfolds.

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