Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Miracle Manor

Yesterday I left the ocean and headed inland for a night before arriving in the desert this afternoon. Some time ago my NYC architect friend designed portions of a retreat center in Desert Hot Springs. After catching up over the phone last week, my architect friend insisted and arranged for me to stay a couple of nights at this retreat center. So here I am, at Miracle Manor. And, I'm still in need of a miracle.

Before I parted way with the Pacific, I sent an SOS out to God on the sand. "Heal Me, Please" are the words I penned with a stick that I found on my "final" beach walk yesterday morning.
During my time in Newport Beach I underwent treatment that I had hoped might restore my body and brain back to what it was before I was infected with malaria. The treatment center offered valuable information that will help me navigate next steps regarding my health; however, they couldn't offer me a cure for the CFS/Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease that I face.

After spending Monday morning with my mentor friend Kim, and she sharing with me how well the same treatment was working for her husband, Monday afternoon I received the news that my body didn't respond to the treatment. Rather than recommending a month-long course of continued treatment, Dr. Alex informed me there's something going on with my body that is causing me to be resistant to this treatment. Typically it helps people to at least some degree, but not the slightest with me. He suggested a few reason why this might be...  and I'll continue to explore those reasons when I return to Michigan.

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