Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Selah in the Psalms means a pause or a rest.

I'm taking a Selah from my scratch pad ramblings (i.e. what you find here) to work on a few well-developed, professional pieces of writing.  By professional, I mean, paid writing gigs. 

Although it's too soon to speak the specifics, I'm THRILLED to share I've been invited to contribute to a significant project, that will go to print by a significant publisher.

During my blogging selah, please browse old entries, and if you find any you really, really, like, please let me know here in a comment, or e-mail me at katrinablank (at) gmail (dot) com.  I'll be refining and developing several pieces for my new blogging site, and would love your recommendations on which blog entries you think I should include in the transfer. 

For now, chapter 1 of my book - I Hate Books on Christian Dating, a memoir journey towards a mysterious God - is still posted on 

I'll be back in July!  And THE book will be made available soon after! 

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