Friday, February 14, 2014

Women of a Different Breed

This morning a friend of mine shared with me a piece she had written, and after I insisted it needed to go viral, she okayed for me to post it on my blog.  So here it is, my first Guest Blog post, by my friend Amy.

Women of a Different Breed

It's not that we don't want to marry.
    It's that we won't compromise.
It's not that he has to be perfect.
    But he must have enough characteristics of The Perfect Man.
It's not that we need a relationship for the purpose of being with someone.
    After all, we've never been alone.
It's not that we are helpless by ourselves.
    We have a Helper and we've never had want for anything.
It's not that we have nothing to offer therefore we sit alone.
    It's that we've embodied His Everything and are content enough.  Until he comes.

We are not single because we're broken, ugly, or disdain.
    We are fully aware we are beautiful in His sight.
We are not waiting for someone specific, but only a gentle and courageous warrior -
    skilled, proven, and trusted by the One Holy God.

We are not like other women so do not compare us.  Do not pity us, or play matchmaker.  But love us with grace and patience.  Don't examine our imperfections or hypothesize what's wrong with us.  Consider, perhaps, we're right - and all around us are out of step.  We're simply experiencing a different life than most women aim to lead.

We don't want your categorization or dismissal, so please don't set us on a shelf.  Don't regard us as half full, half equipped, or incomplete because we're missing our other "half."  We are simply a remnant of women, who are doing His Bidding, at His Pace and, in His Time the other "he" will come.  But until then, call us His Maidens.  A special breed, very rare, yes indeed.

We've been allotted extra time alone, so we can know Him more all the more complete.

Only the man who is strong enough to be willing to be putty in His hand will be the one to whom we will quietly relent - and with our hearts, surrender.  Only for he who approaches us with His Permission to join us on our journey Home will we trade our habit for a wedding veil.

Not broken, but whole.
Not poor, but rich.
Not vain, but complete.
Not fools, but wise.

We are living out His Goodness in different terms than you.  But it's His perfection we are living in - we know no need but Him. 

This road that we have chosen, and upon which we daily tread comes with sacrifices, true.  But we'd rather pay this price as we wait for the right man, versus living as though a man can make life right.

Accept us for who we are, unattached, free agents of a very Powerful and All-Knowing King.  Let us live without the pressure of the expected, damning singlehood.  Instead, let us go about our business for our Master, watch what He will do with our vessels, and perhaps, someday it will happen.  But marriage isn't everything.  Everything is our union with our Beloved King.  ~AJH

Amy is passionate about Jesus, life, and politics. To read more by Amy, here is  Amy's Blog

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