Saturday, February 1, 2014

PO Box 100

To be honest, I didn't want to go this route.  I wanted to self fund my writing pursuits with whatever job I was "supposed" to have landed in NYC this past fall.     

But with each job possibility that is answered with a no, I get the sense that God is going to continue to close doors until I step into what He has been moving in me for the past several years - to write and to speak.  And that in doing so, I would need to ask for help (which isn't easy.)  I told God, as long as PO Box 100 was available in my hometown, I would give it a go, and invite others to partner with me.  As life would have it, PO Box 100 was open for the taking at my local post office.

Tonight, on the precipice of Super Bowl XLVIII, I recall the Super Bowl in Miami that I won tickets to four years ago.

Through my experience of Super Bowl XLIV, I sensed God impressing upon me I needed to start taking more risks in life and in my writing.  And so when the opportunity presented itself to move from Southern California to NYC, I did.  And last year, I finally finished writing my first book - a message I anticipate will encourage many others in their faith journey.

But now I need to find a way to make that book available, and so today I launched my 100 X 100 Party campaign via facebook and on my website, where my first chapter is currently posted.  If you'd like to join the party, all the info. you need to know is down below. 

100 X 100 Party!

Book Launch 2014! Join Me! 100 X 100 in 100 Days!

WHAT IF in the next 100 days (Feb. 1 to May 11), I could find 100 friends who would be willing to give $100 towards launching my first book. Of course, contributions of ALL sizes $1 to $1,000 are welcome! For individuals who contribute $100 or more a thank you pre-release copy of the book will be mailed to you this summer. 100 X 100 = $10,000, the amount needed to cover the cost of editing, design, printing, and other book launch related expenses. 10,000 is also the number of youth, college students, and young adults I’ve invested in over the past 18 years.

If I’ve somehow impacted your life, will you consider investing in me so I can impact tens of thousands of more lives through my writing and speaking? Again, every dollar makes a difference, so sending even just $1, would be amazing!

Paypal to
Or snail mail to Katrina Blank PO Box 100 Onsted, MI 49265

* For those of you whom I have coached, taught, RDed, ADed, took on skate trips, camp trips, and overseas trips, led your small group, Young Life group, etc., please consider rallying a few others from your group or team I led to pool together $100 for this endeavor.

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