Sunday, September 8, 2013

On a Sunday Part I

Shortly after moving to the city in 2010 I attended a Jimmy Eat World show for the first time since I started listening to their music in 2001.  A 2nd show in NYC had been added to the band's tour schedule last minute, so I picked up a ticket a few days beforehand, determined to go, even if I couldn't find anyone else to go to the show with me.

Yes, I had texted a few people who I though might be interested in attending, but when show day came, I showed up to the concert alone - knowing no one.

Or so I thought.
Jimmy Eat World * Indianapolis * Summer 2013

Sometime around my favorite song, I glanced back and noticed that about 15 feet behind me stood the guy I liked, and standing beside him stood a girl who reminded me that he isn't an option.  Seeing them together that night confirmed for me he and I would never happen.

But things changed a few months later when I happened to pass by the couple on Broadway, mid-argument.  I was later informed that was the break up conversation I had passed by on the streets of New York.  And so wonderment stirred inside of me once more - could there some day be something significant between me and this he?

Last month I attended another Jimmy Eat World show - this time in Indianapolis, this time not alone.  A different he stood beside me - a he who I know would be far better for me than the one who stood at a distance at the show 3 years ago.

After the show in Indy... (stay tune for part 2)

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