Wednesday, September 25, 2013

22 Days

Today my unplanned and unintended fast from the Internet ended.  For the past 22 days I've been without at-home or on-phone Internet access.  Finally, I can breathe again.  By breathe, I mean search and apply for jobs from home, blog, send important e-mails, schedule appointments, and get directions to places I need to go.  Basically, I can live like a normal, 21st century American human being again.

All, just in time to move from the sweet Soho loft I've been living in this past month to move into my fall residence in Harlem.  Minus the no wifi, I've been spoiled this September, living in an abnormally large New York apartment.  As my friend Chris pointed out, "The kitchen is bigger than my entire place."  It's true, the place I'm in at the moment is mega huge - 2,500 square feet total.  Most one bedroom apartments in the city are 500 to 600 square feet (I think), so this place is four to five times the size of what is normal for a New Yorker.  Thankfully, I received a friends and family rate for my short term stay - otherwise there would be no way I'd stand a chance of living in such a place.

My flat mate pointed out to me that our street was featured on the television show Elementary.  He showed me a screen shot he had taken on his phone and I insisted he e-mail it to me.

Our Soho Street featured on The Elementary
I think he showed me the picture the same day I passed by Ryan Gosling a few blocks from our place.  There I go - name dropping - the guy from down the shore wouldn't be pleased.  But since he's not here to call me out on it, I'll let it be.

Funny though, that I'd find myself in such a place in contrast to an old home of mine that I stayed in for an entire summer thirteen years ago.  I recently stopped by the place to show the new guy where I lived when I worked as an Area Director for Spring Hill Indiana the first summer it opened.

Spring Hill Indiana
At the time, the nearest flushing toilet and shower were over a mile away.  And the only "celebrity" to make an appearance was Sandy Patty, who came to pick up her daughter after a week's stay.

It's the contrast in life that I love - from living in a teepee in Southern Indiana to living in a loft in Soho.  I'm grateful for the variety of experiences in life I've had this far and I'm excited to see what the future holds in the months and years ahead.

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