Monday, April 8, 2013

subli M inal

Coming Soon: The story of how I ended up at the University of Michigan

It took me far more time to decide on a cell phone plan than it did for me to decide on a college to attend.  I went on a nearly half dozen cell phone company visits, and 0 college visits.  Every college I applied to accepted me, but cell phone companies kept turning me away.  The Verizon man at the mall refused to give me a phone, explaining they didn't offer service to people like me who lived in remote locations.  He said something about the numbers of bars and even though I told him we had two - Jerry's Pub and the Onsted Bar - he smirked and said two bars wouldn't work.  Looking back, perhaps I should have filed a lawsuit for the rural racism I received in trying to acquire a phone.  It doesn't seem right that Verizon would give everyone else and their mother and brother a phone (they advertised all sorts of family plans), but withheld the right to own a phone to me.

Finally, I stumbled across All-Tel and they readily accepted me without any questioning.  A friend told me they were far more friendly to country folk like me.  The phone still didn't work where I lived, but at least they gave me one.  All-tel eventually merged with Verizon, and so despite Verizon's disliking of me, they were forced to take me on.  Ha!  Serves them right to be forced to charge me a monthly fee.

But my college decision - now, that was easy. 

 The Sacred M * Summer 2012
To Be finished... SOON!!!   :)

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