Wednesday, April 17, 2013


This morning I woke up in New York City.  Tonight I go to bed in Neptune.

Sometime shortly after 2 AM last night I caught wind of the news.  After my run today, I knew I needed to hop in my car and leave the city immediately. 

About 3 years ago I had 2 amazing dates with a guy who changed my way of thinking in the short time we spent together.  He made me believe anything is possible.  AND he instilled in me the value to live life with no regrets.  This way of thinking is both wondrous, and perhaps slightly dangerous.  Because at times I have to tell logic to shut up, and simply go with my gut. 

Sometimes, when an opportunity presents itself, you just have to get in your car or book a flight and go.  Because to not go, you would always wonder what you missed out on.  And THAT feeling is to live a life of regret.  If it's moral and good, and God hasn't said no - then why not step out and move toward whatever it is that is drawing you in.

Which is why I'm now in Neptune.  To clarify, IN, not on.  I did not board a space shuttle to go on a trip to the outskirts of our solar system. Rather, Neptune is the name a coastal city along New Jersey's shore. 

I'm here because late last night I learned that one of my writing heroes passed away Friday morning at 12:02 AM at the age of 78.  AND that his funeral would be held tomorrow, here, in New Jersey. 

What's odd, is that very same night he passed, I couldn't sleep, and so I was up, considering some of Brennan's words from his book Ruthless Trust, wondering if I could intersperse some of his quotes throughout the book I am writing.  In chapter 2 of my book I discuss Brennan's work, and how another hero of mine died at the age of 42 to cancer.  Brennan's book Ruthless Trust was handed out to everyone who attended that funeral spring of 2001.  Over 3,000 people showed up at Spring Hill Camps to pay their respects to Mark Olson and everyone left with Brennan's words in hand. 

Not too long ago I explained to another writer (i.e. the author of Finding God at Harvard) that my book titled I Hate Books on Christian Dating is my memoir journey towards ruthless trust.

Last Thursday night/Friday morning - at 3:30 AM - as I was up considering my work and Brennan's words, I tweeted, "It requires heroic courage to trust in the love of God no matter what happens to us."  ~ Brennan Manning

I tweeted Brennan's words, just hours after he had died, unaware of his passing.  As I noted on facebook, Brennan Manning may have passed, but his words and influence live on.

I had to drive to Jersey to say good bye.  To not, would leave me wishing forever that I had.

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