Thursday, February 28, 2013

Extreme Owl

I started yesterday without sleeping.

I couldn't fall asleep Tuesday night, so around 6 AM, I gave up, got up, and fixed myself some breakfast.  A couple of hours later I ventured outside into the winter wonderland of snow.  On my run I paused A LOT to take pictures.

It is said the early bird catches the worm; however, in my experience, the extreme owl catches the dinosaur and I think that is far better.
Back at the house I showered and ate another round of breakfast as I uploaded photos on my computer.  Just before noon the guy from down the shore sends me a message; he recommends I go for an early run to catch the beauty of the woods the snow melts away.  (For the most part we both do life at the lake like we're on California time.)  I told him it is too late of a suggestion and recommend he check out the photos I had just posted.

He said he was impressed and asked if I was still on for movie night later on.  I said yes, but that I would need to take an extended afternoon nap.  

Around 11:30 pm, I locked up the house and then something awful happened...

See next post - The Key - for the remainder of the story.


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