Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beyond Spring Hill

This past year I started a private blog called Beyond Spring Hill.  I set the space up to correspond with a former camper of mine who left his final year of camp an atheist.  That was well over a decade ago, but for some reason he found me on facebook this past year and we started a conversation. 

He shared with me early on in a facebook exchange a memory he had from his final day at camp.

"When my friends picked me up from camp, you and two others walked me to my car, and I remember you saying that you really wish I could stay so you could continue to help me. That moment has stuck with me throughout the years. I was a bit shocked that you would want me to stay after I’d spent the last three weeks questioning everything that was being thrown my way."

So this camper (who is now a man), and I occassionally exchange thoughts on God, faith, and life, but for the most part, I've failed miserably in sharing anything that resonates with his heart - or perhaps, in his case - his mind.  And I've also failed to keep the conversation alive, often pausing from our dialogue for weeks, even months at a time.
I wish the God thing was as easy as 1,2,3,4, but it's not.  Even after understanding and accepting 1 through 4, there is still more - much more.  There always will be.

Kind of like with relationships - there is always more to it.  Relationships don't finish, nor does God.

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