Friday, October 31, 2014


This past week my blood made it safely to Utah. And I made it safely to Chicago.

After 48 days of fighting for a more sensitive Malaria test, a week ago Tuesday I had my blood drawn to be sent to a special laboratory out west. I celebrated the victory by picking up a few cute pairs of panties from the Gap in the mall. And, in a moment of weakness, I texted my ex-boyfriend.

I also returned a pair of black boots to Payless. The lady behind the counter wanted to know the reason for my return. I explained that I had been dating a guy who was 6'3", but since he and I were no longer an item I felt the heels on the boots made me too tall for dating purposes. The store worker was empathetic to the break up and the tragedy of having to worry about which shoes you can wear when you're already a rather tall woman. (For the record, I'm 5'8".)

Anyway, since I couldn't track my blood's journey like you would a fed ex package, a few days after my panty celebration I called to check on my blood's progress across the nation. Rather than receiving news of a confirmed arrival, I found out the wrong test had been performed and my blood had never even made it out of Ann Arbor.

Since my blood had since been discarded, I had to race back to Ann Arbor to get more blood syphoned out of me before the draw station closed for the weekend. I arrived at 5:59, a minute before close. Finally, this past week, I confirmed my blood had arrived in Utah. Next week I'll find out if  I have active malaria in my system that can be easily treated, or if I have unexplained chronic fatigue syndrome, which lasts an average of 6.7 years.

For now, I'm in Chicago. I drove out this way for Donald Miller's Storyline Conference. Although I was hesitant to attend, I felt like I was supposed to be here. And since this was the only week that I didn't have teaching jobs or doctors' appointments already booked, I said yes to the invitation. I felt the God nudge that I needed to go.

And since I recalled my favorite teacher, Erwin McManus, once say that it's easier for God to work with someone who is in motion, I chose momentum despite my health being rocky.

I'm so glad I did. Aside from the amazing sessions, I had the opportunity to say hello to Don and to meet his wife. He introduced me to her by saying, "This is Katrina Blank, one of my favorite young writers." He requested a copy of my book be mailed to him once it is printed. (If you'd like one too, has the scoop on how you can order one.)

Also, today I got to meet and chat with the man who inspired the title of my book, Joshua Harris. Josh wrote a book years ago titled I Kissed Dating Goodbye. I apologized to him for poking fun at his book with the title of mine. He didn't seem to mind. So I toyed with asking him to endorse my book, but didn't.

I received a Bob Goff hug, and sat between his wife Maria and author Susan Isaacs during the final session. Before the session started, a woman in the row ahead of us told me there's a guy she'd like to set me up with. Apparently he's rather tall, which got me thinking, maybe I should go back to Payless and repurchase those black boots I just returned.

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