Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Young Me Is Still Me

They say your temperament and who you are surfaces in your early years. 

I think my pre school and kindergarten teachers could still be used as references.

Yes, I may have struggled a bit with tying my shoes at the age of four, but my preschool teacher also noted the following about me:

"Katrina is a very mature little girl.  Her skills and intelligence are very fine.  She is cheerful and cooperative.  I am glad she is in my class." 

Less than a year later my kindergarten teacher wrote another rave review.

"Katrina gets along well with others.  She is quite serious about her work, and follows directions and works nicely independently."

But the best performance evaluation ever, is the one my preschool teacher sent home to my parents' on a heart cut out of construction paper.

"Katrina was a joy today.  She smiled, talked, made a valentine, and jumped on the trampoline.  She did not cry." ~Mrs. J.

Funny, I still love trampolines, and strongly believe trampolines coupled with karaoke could lead to world peace.

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