Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1

After entering the New Year being plagued by sickness, I gave myself a break, granting permission to take the month off January "off" before I started writing again.

But who am I kidding?  I haven't been writing at all - unless we are talking about my grad school papers, e-mails, occasional text messages to cute boyz - gosh, I can't call them that can I?  Let me rephrase - text messages to handsome men.  Men.  Hmmm... that sounds sooooooo old, and full of connotations that aren't attached to most of the members of the opposite sex that I interact with on a semi-regular basis.  It's not that I'm saying that they are immature - which they probably are - it's just, well, I'd like to still be considered a girl.  And if they're men, then I'm no longer a girl.

But it's true, as my 2nd hottest friend (who is no longer officially my 2nd hottest friend) told me last year.  "Katrina, you're a woman."   

I'm not sure when that happened.  Or how, either - but it did.  Perhaps it's simply the age thing - or getting really good with my parenting adult voice that I occasionally have to use with students when they either make less than smart choices, or are amidst some sort of something that needs addressing.  Sorry, can't tell you what that might be - as, well, it's all confidential.  Which, is actually highly unfortunate that so much of my life is confidential, because I have some fabulous student stories that I'll never be able to write about for the world to read.  Like the one involving - oooooooooh wow - like I said, it's confidential.

But what's not confidential is that I'm not pregnant.  Not that I thought that I was - or even suspected possibility, but just in case anyone thought the 4 pounds I've gained since December was due to pregnancy weight - it's not.  I blame THAT on Jillian Michael's work out video.  The video is no good - it advertises itself as a weight loss workout, but I had to learn the hard way that her video is a muscle building weight gainer. 

For clarification, I'm still a virgin.  So is my friend Kate.  She's a nun friend of mine that also lives in city.  Growing up we also lived within a few miles of each other.   

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