Sunday, October 14, 2007

Slower Than Slow

The thought occurred to me tonight that I won’t be able to do it – that I won’t be able to finish this book that I keep talking about and that people keep telling me they can’t wait to read.

A different someone asks me every day how the book is coming along. My response is always the same: slow. Is there a word for slower than slow?

My job is not conducive to being a writer. And my seminary work doesn’t help. I’m envious of Rick Warren who was able to set aside 7 months to simply write. No wonder his book was a best seller.

I guess I’m a bit discouraged, because I really was almost finished. But then I had to go and change directions in my writing and any brilliant work that I had accomplished was thrown to the wayside.

I’m feeling a bit uninspired. Maybe I need better background music and picking up the newest CDs by Phil Wickham, Jimmy Eat World, and Dashboard Confessional is the answer.

Or maybe I need a different scented candle to burn.

Erwin McManus tells me that there is no such thing as writer’s block. So why do I have it?

Don’t worry, I’ll finish the book.
Determination, perseverance, and commitment are a part of who I am.
I wouldn't leave you all hanging.

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Aurora said...

Hey there...your link popped on when I did a search for Phil Wickham...curious to know how popular he is in California.

I live in Texas and have also been to seminary...Dalas Theological Seminary. I kinda wanted to go to fuller but DTS was more adventageous at the time. How much longer do you have ?